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About Me

Restoring the Sounds of Yesterday....

My fascination for radios and electronics dates back to my childhood. Growing up I remember listening to the radio and hearing stations from all over the world. Friends and family gathered around the radio to hear the latest news, classic musical standards and even sporting events.

After obtaining a degree in Electronics, I soon discovered the wonderful world of antique radios. There is no better sound than that of a tube radio-the warmth and deep resonance can never be replaced by digital sound. The unique design and craftsmanship that went into the exterior of each radio left us with an abundance of beauty that has lasted generations.

Today, I see radios that have been much loved and used but are now in need of restoration. Whether a family heirloom or flea market find that no longer functions, I take great joy in bringing these beauties back to life. My degree in electronics coupled with my knowledge of the history of radios provides me with all I need to restore virtually any antique radio or audio system. I personally believe the cabinets should be kept as original as possible to preserve the history of each item. However, over the years I have developed many skills in enhancing each piece so that most radios only require a special touch in order to look as well as they sound after restoration. Take a look at my galleries for examples of my work.


My dream is to develop a new tube sound system that will again fill homes with clear, resonant music. To that end, I created Regal Sound Design, LLC. While continuing to restore the beauty of historical pieces created by the masters of the day, I am also using my knowledge of electronics and the science of sound to  develop a new system which will provide wonderful sounds for generations to come.

….Designing the Sounds of Tomorrow.

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